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Where do I see myself in 20 years? Well…I’d like to say alive. Alive and actually living. Over the past year or so, I’ve come to find there’s a difference between living and being alive.

Three of the people I’ve grown up with. Three people who I hold dear to my heart are dead. My family are imprisoned or essentially slaves and I have become a murderer.

It doesn’t matter that I would be dead if I hadn’t of killed them. All I can think of is that somewhere they have friends missing them, family mourning them. Just like myself.

We gave up playing the game of ‘when this is over’ after Robyn died. When the War just seemed to drag on and on with no end in sight.

Twenty years time, before the War I would have loved to be a teacher.

Now, I just like to be alive long enough to see this end.

Muse: Ellie Linton
Fandom: The Tomorrow Series
Word Count: 156


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A letter to someone you've hurt:Collapse )

A letter to someone who hurt me:Collapse )

Muse: Ellie Linton
Word Count: 432
Fandom: The Tomorrow Series


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Some would call it that.

After all, the end of the war was what we were all looking forward to. Wanting to live until the end of. And yet many of us died well before that dream was even thought of. Let alone realised.

So many people would claim that my (and my friends) greatest triumphs were Cobbler's...or Fi's street, full of important war agents...or the Wirrawee airport...or even the small attacks we made on patrols and convoys.

To me?

Back then, our greatest triumph at the end was to actually be alive after it all. None of us actually wanted the awards and medals thrust upon us. We only did what we must to survive and even then...I still have trouble sleeping because of what I did...or saw.

It was kill or be killed.

No one should be made to make such a decision. Robyn gave her life so that the rest of us might escape. From that day I pledged I was never going to waste such a selfless gesture. Even though her face still haunts my sleep.

Hers and so many more.

At the end of the war, General Finley awarded us all many medals.

Even Robyn. Post-humously.

As an old woman I still don't understand the giving of murderers a medal in wartime. We killed in cold blood. Almost as often as we did in hot blood.

Kill or be killed was our saying.

At the very beginning all of us were loathe to even think of carrying a weapon lest we were caught. We could always plead innocence...that we'd hid in the bush until recently. It was only towards the end that we actively carried weapons to protect ourselves. When it was well known who we were. At that stage even if we were found unarmed we still would be stood against the firing wall.

We had changed so much in less than two years.

Others would say my escape from Stratton Prison and Camp 23 were a triumph.

They were only a selfless desire to save my own skin.

Anyone who knew me in those days were in terrible danger and naivety made my do my best to save them. I was only a child, no-one should have been forced to make those decisions.


My children (funny, I could never have seen myself able to settle down even a decade after the war until it almost slapped me in the face) and even my grandchildren have always loved to hear my stories, and when they're all old enough I let them read my diaries. The ones I wrote in the middle of it all. They look at me differently after that.

The funny thing is that as much as I hate to relive the war, I can never deny them the story of Ellie Linton and her friends attempts to stop the invasion of their country. I never moved from Wirrawee. Never travelled the country, or the world like Corrie and I had sworn we'd do before the invasion.

All I did was live. Merely survive until I met my husband. Lived some more...and then provided the future for my children that I fought so hard for. That my friends died for...that I all but died for. I have never been the same since, I know that. But like the ferals before them, my own children brought back my humanity. Like my husband, taught me to care once more.

I lived for them. I lived the life I should have had, the life that was stolen from me, through them.

Nothing that I did...nothing that I sought to achieve was for myself. The moment that first plane went overhead when we were camping in the midst of Hell...I have never felt properly content since.

To most people, my greatest triumph were those during wartime.

In my opinion, the best thing I have ever done is fight so the next generation could live in a world of peace.

Even if I couldn't.

Muse: Ellie Linton
Fandom: Tomorrow Series
Wrod count 650


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Ellie had followed the tracking signal in the watch that Snake had given her. Some proper military training would be greatly beneficial. She just wished that her friends were here for it as well.

It was a little harder than she'd expected, but that was mainly because she had to avoid patrols and convoys every five minutes (well, it seemed like every five minutes anyway) though that was nothing unusual in her books.

She slunk along, ever mindful that this could simply be another trap.
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Hi. This is Ellie. Not here, leave a message


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Now that everything had begun to settle down, Colonel…sorry, General Finley now, had arranged for Lee, Fi, Homer, Kevin and I to go to New Zealand to be awarded those medal’s he’d promised us. I’m not sure about the others, but I didn’t want a medal for killing soldiers. Just because it was either me or them. Kill or be killed. Half of them were no older than I was!

War isn’t fair.

I received mine first, then Homer and Fi. Kevin and finally Lee last. Lee was always last; cleaning up our mistakes, doing the jobs we couldn’t bring ourselves to do. Just because Homer and I were the leaders we got all the recognition.

War isn’t fair.

After the War, I managed to convince mum and dad to adopt Gavin, his own mother was lost in the system. Presumed dead. I didn’t want the plucky little feral from Stratton to go the same way. Col-General Finley told me that I could adopt one of the ferals myself. Perhaps if Casey’s parents haven’t been found yet…

Providing a future for the survivors who could actually put one to good use?

That’s worth a medal more than killing people.

Muse: Ellie Linton
Fandom: The Tomorrow Series
Word Count: 199

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